Sundance Water Supply Project


Board Comments

Board Treasurer Jan Cederberg said, “We’re pleased to have started securing our community’s water future through the Sundance Water Project. Cherokee’s residential water rates are actually lower than most of our neighboring communities. We plan to keep it that way with affordable, non-Black Squirrel water resources.

Despite the adverse court rulings in 2006 and 2009, the project is an opportunity for Cherokee Metro District to control its water and financial future and will open up new well field territory with significant water availability.”

Water Source

The water source is the Denver Basin aquifers and will be high-quality water that requires minimal treatment, minimal pumping down to Cherokee, and minimum expense to meet the State’s stringent water-quality regulations.

The first Arapahoe formation well came in better than expected when it was pump tested, and the well-field planning, development, and additional water acquisitions are ongoing.