Street Lights

The Cherokee Metro District, as part of it’s purview, maintains the street lights within the District’s boundaries.  The street lights stemmed from the creation of a Special District that was implemented by the Cimarron Corporation in order to provide street lights within Cimarron Hills.  The Special District was later incorporated and dissolved when the Cherokee Metro District was formed in 1992.

Expenses and Maintenance

The District pays a flat monthly rate for each street light. Included in this rate are the electric power consumptions and also the parts and labor to maintain each light.

The District has a contract with the City of Colorado Springs and also Mountain View Electric to perform the maintenance of the street lights.light


The street light fee is $1.27 per month, which is added to each account the District bills out.

Responsibility of the District

The District’s responsibility is to inspect each street light once a month and report outages to the corresponding agency, CSU or MVE.

Responsibility of Residents

We encourage all District residents to report problems or outages to the District Office at 719-597-5080.

The response time from CSU or MVE, on average, is 30 days depending on back log.