Stage 2 – Two Days Per Week

* Stages are derived from the State-Approved Water Conservation Plan *

Irrigation Season: April – October

Stage 2 – Two Days Per Week

Odd Addresses

  • Tuesday
  • Saturday

Even Addresses

  • Wednesday
  • Sunday

Commercial/ Industrial

* Mondays and Fridays


Time Allowed

  • Maximum of  three hours per day

Watering Times

  • Before 10 a.m.
  • After 6 p.m.

Other Guidelines

  • Hand watering of lawns is permitted on assigned days and times
  • Car washing permitted any day at anytime using a positive shut-off nozzle
  • Sod/seed permits issued:
    • April 1 – October 31


* Trees, Flowers, Shrubs, Gardens can be watered Any Day Before 10am and after 6pm

* Car Washing Anytime.  Please use spray nozzle with shutoff