Cherokee Metro Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Map To Xeriscape Gardens

*  6250 Palmer Pk Photo  * 6535 Pawnee Circle  Photo *  1630 Hathaway Dr Photo *

Plant Guide

  • Flowers
    Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunBloomsFlower ColorSizeUses
    Aizoon StonecropAizoon stonecropSedum aizoonHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Yellow10 -18”Ornamental plant
    Black-Eyed SusanBlack-eyed susanRudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’Herbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Yellow24 – 30”Accent, borders, specimen
    Blue Mist SpireaBlue Mist SpireaCaryopteris x clandonensisHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Blue36 – 60”Border, rock gardens
    Carpathian HarebellCarpathian HarebellCampanula carpaticaHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Purple6 -12”Borders, edging, accent
    ColumbineColumbineAquilegia spp.Herbaceous PerennialModeratePart Shade / Shade Blue, white, violet, red, yellow24”Native / Natural Gardens
    Creeping PhloxPhlox subulataHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun White, pink6”Groundcover, mass plantings, rock gardens
    Creeping PhloxCreeping phloxPhlox subulata ‘Red Wings’Herbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Rosy-pink6”Groundcover, mass plantings, rock gardens
    DaylilyDaililyHemerocallis sp.Herbaceous PerennialVery Low – ModerateSun / Part Shade Yellow12”Borders, mass plantings
    HarebellCampanula rotundifoliaHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Blue8 – 12”Borders, edging, accent, rock gardens
    MazusMazusMazus reptansHerbaceous PerennialModerate – HighPart Shade / Sun Purple24”Groundcover, rock gardens, pavestone filler
    Mother of ThymeMother of thymeThymus serpyllumHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Purple3 – 6”Groundcover, rock gardens
    Red Globe MallowRed globe mallowSphaeralcea munroanaHerbaceous PerennialVery Low – LowFull Sun Red, orange, pink12 – 24″Ornamental plant
    Red YuccaHesperaloe parvifloraEvergreen PerennialVery LowFull Sun Red36 – 48”Rock gardens, accent, containers
    Rock SoapwortRocksoapwortSaponaria ocymoidesHerbaceous PerennialVery Low – LowFull Sun Pink8 – 10”Rock gardens, groundcover, borders
    Russian SageRussian sagePerovskia atriplicifoliaHerbaceous PerennialVery LowFull Sun Violet-blue36”Perennial borders
    Shasta DaisyLeucanthemum x sperbumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull Sun White14 -18″Edging or specimen
    Snow in SummerSnow in SummerCerastium tomentosumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull Sun White6 – 12″Rock gardens, borders, groundcover
    Sweet WoodruffSweet WooddruffGallium odoratumHerbaceous PerennialVery Low – ModeratePart Shade / Shade White8”Mass planting, groundcover
    TickseedTickseedCoreopsis ‘Sunray’Herbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Yellow18”Mass planting, borders, rock gardens
    Turkish VeronicaVeronica liwanensisHerbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Blue1 – 2”Groundcover
    Violet SageSalvia x sylvestris ‘May Night’Herbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Purple24 – 36”Borders, specimen, edging
    Woolly ThymeThymus pseudolanguinosisHerbaceous PerennialLowSun / Part Shade Pink2 – 4”Rock gardens, edging, turf substitute
    YarrowAchillea ‘Moonshine’Herbaceous PerennialLow – ModerateFull Sun Yellow, peach36”Borders, cut flower
    Yellow Ice PlantYellow IceDelosperma nubigenumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull Sun Yellow1 – 3“Groundcover, rock gardens, edging
  • Grasses
    Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunBloomsFlower ColorSizeUses
    Bear GrassBear GrassNolina microcarpaOrnamental GrassLowFull Sun White36 – 72”Accent, slopes
    Blue FescueBlue FescueFestuca ovina glaucaOrnamental GrassVery Low – ModerateFull Sun N/A6 – 12”Groundcover, specimen, border, mass planting
    Feather Reed GrassFeather Reed GrassCalamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’Ornamental GrassLow – ModerateFull Sun N/A36 – 60”Border, edging, accent, hedge or screen
    Japanese Blood GrassJapanese Blood GrassImperata cylindrica rubraOrnamental GrassLow – ModeratePart Shade / Sun N/A12 – 18”Accent, border, groundcover
  • Shrubs
    Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunBloomsFlower ColorSizeUses
    Anthony Waterer SpiraeaAnthony Waterer SpiraeaSpiraea x bumaldaDwarf Deciduous ShrubLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Rosy-pink36 – 60”Borders
    Blue Chip JuniperBlue Chip JuniperJuniperus horizontalisEvergreen ShrubLow – ModerateFull Sun Silver-blue foliage10”Groundcover and slopes
    Blue Rug JuniperJuniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’Deciduous ShrubVery Low – ModerateSun / Part Shade N/A4 – 6”Groundcover
    Bush CinquefoilBush CinquefoilPotentilla fruticosaDeciduous ShrubLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade Yellow12 – 48”Border, mass planting
    Bush CinquefoilPotentilla fruticosa ‘Abbottswood’Deciduous ShrubLow – ModerateSun / Part Shade White12 – 48”Border, mass planting
    Dwarf Blue RabbitbrushDwarf blue rabbitbrushChrysothamnus nauseous ssp. nauceoususPerennial ShrubVery Low – LowFull Sun Yellow24”Ornamental shrub
    Dwarf Mugo PineDwarf Mugo PinePinus mugoEvergreen ShrubVery Low – ModerateFull Sun N/A36 – 60”Rock gardens, mass plantings, specimen
    Red BarberryRed BarberryBerberis thunbergiiDeciduous ShrubLow – ModerateFull Sun N/A24”Borders, hedges
    Scotch BroomScotch BroomCytisus x ‘Lilac Time’Deciduous ShrubLow – ModerateFull Sun Reddish-purple72”Hedge, divider, screen
  • Trees
    Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunBloomsFlower ColorSizeUses
    Canada Red CherryCanada Red CherryPrunus virginiana ‘Schubert’TreeLow – ModerateFull Sun White20 – 25’Hedge, flowering tree, attracts butterflies and birds
    Compact Tanyosho PineCompact Tanyosho PinePinus DensifloraDwarf TreeModerateFull Sun N/A12’Ornamental Tree
    Flowering CrabappleFlowering CrabappleMalus ‘Radiant’TreeModerateFull Sun White, pink, rose10 – 25’Flowering tree, attracts butterflies and birds
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