The Board FAQs

How many people make up the District Board?

Cherokee Metro is a C.R.S. Title 32 Quasi-Municipal Organization led by 5 elected officials known as the Board of Directors.

How, when and where can I attend a District Board meeting?

Board Meetings are held at the District’s main office located at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915 in the District Board Room.  Regular meetings generally start at 4:30 p.m. Public sessions start at 5:30 p.m. depending upon agenda and generally run through approximately 9:30 p.m.

What are the Board’s core function and responsibilities?

The Board has ultimate fiduciary responsibility over the District and its business.  The Board establishes District policy and takes formal action on large strategic and business decisions.

How is the Board of Directors Chosen by the Community?

Board members must be qualified electors who are qualified to vote at general elections in this State.  No later than 67 days prior to the District’s regular elections, during the month May of all even years, all eligible electors of the District (residents and property owners) have the option to complete a Self-Nomination form, which if timely filed, allows them to be considered on the ballot for a position on the District’s Board.  Thereafter, the District conducts an election and those candidates determined by the Designated Election Official to have received the most votes are declared the winners.  They are then sworn into the position with an oath of office.

When is the next Board of Director’s election?

The next regular election is scheduled for May 6th of 2014, consistent with other Title 32 District elections.

What are the qualifications necessary to be self-nominated to the Board of Directors?

All Board members and perspective Board members are required to be registered electors of the District.

How is the Board of Directors compensated for their service?

Directors, by District policy and under Title 32 law, are allowed an annual maximum compensation of $1,600 and they are paid $100 per meeting until that total annual cap is met.  All Board compensation is subject to State and Federal taxes.

What are the Boundaries of the Cherokee Metropolitan District?

The District is generally east of Powers Blvd., north of the Colorado Springs Airport and Peterson Field A.F.B. and west of Banning Lewis Ranch.  The District is an enclave within the City of Colorado Springs, which occurred when the City grew towards Cherokee over the past forty plus years and then grew around it when the City of Colorado Springs annexation of the Banning Lewis Ranch.  The District also serves the military families and installation at Schriever A.F.B. and a small service area south of Ellicott, CO within the Cherokee well field.   A map of the District Boundary is attached.

How can I contact the Board members or General Manager?

The District’s Board of Directors and General Manager are generally available by email and phone; please see the Board Bio page with contact info.

The General Manager is available at the District office at (719) 597-5080 and available by email at





Can I attend Board meetings?

Yes, we encourage our customers to attend Board meetings to learn more about our organization. Meetings are held at our office the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.