Water Resources and Restrictions FAQs

Does Cherokee have enough water?

Yes, by carefully monitoring and controlling the use of water from our nine southern wells, we can provide an adequate supply to our customers.

Why are there water restrictions if there has been so much precipitation lately?

Our current water restrictions are not due to drought or the level of precipitation received. Restrictions have been implemented due to a court ruling limiting the use of eight of our 17 supply wells. These eight wells account for 40% of our total water supply. To ensure that our customers have an adequate supply, we have implemented water restrictions to control water usage from the remaining nine wells.

Where does Cherokee get its water?

Our water comes from 18 municipal wells located in the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Basin. Nine wells are located approximately ten miles north of Ellicott. Currently, eight of these wells are not being used for out of basin use (most of Cherokee’s customer base lays outside the basin) due to a court ruling limiting their use. The remaining nine wells are located ten miles south of Ellicott and currently provide all water for the District. All of the wells pump water from an alluvial aquifer located 150 – 200 feet below the ground. Through natural filtering processes the water has been purified and meets safe drinking water standards.