Final Your Account

If you are moving out of our district, and need to final out your account, please call us at 719-597-5080. We require 24 hours of notice, Monday - Friday, in order to obtain a final reading for your property. If we do not hear from a new responsible party requesting to sign up for service at this home, we will turn the water off.

If you are moving within our district, please be advised that your account number will change. Your due date and watering days may change depending on the address.

Moving Within the District

If you are moving within our district and are a renter at the current and future properties, we will transfer your deposit. You will need to call us to provide the new address as well as provide a date to stop service at your existing property. In the event that you are moving into a new home, and are not certain when you will final out your current home, it is your responsibility to call us back when you do have the information.

Currently Renting, Planning to Purchase a Home

If you are currently renting, but will be purchasing your new home, we will return your deposit. It will be applied to the final bill at your current address.

Previously Owned, Planning to Lease a Home

If you’ve previously owned or currently own your home, but will be leasing the new home, we do require a deposit. Previous payment history is not reviewed. We require a deposit from each tenant in our district.