Temporary Vacancy

Snowbird Status

If you are moving out of your home temporarily, we are able to make arrangements with you during that time frame. Once your meter registers zero consumption, we are able to modify your account into what we call, “Snowbird Status.”

Snowbird Status means that your account is still in your name, the water is off, and you aren’t generating any bills.

It is your responsibility to contact us at 719-597-5080 to see if your situation qualifies you for this exception.

When to Contact Us

Once you have a “move-out” date, you would notify us. We would then go to your property to turn your water off. You would provide us with an estimation of the time you’ll be living elsewhere. We require at least 24 hours of notice to reinstate your service. Once we hear from you confirming your arrival, we would schedule a “meet to turn on” appointment. We will not turn water on if you are not physically at the home. In the case that your home has been winterized, we also strongly suggest you coordinating this appointment with your plumber as well.

Temporarily Moving

If you are temporarily moving out of your home, and wish to keep water service on, please be advised that your account will be charged at least the minimum monthly base fees.