Emergency After Hours Information

District Emergencies

The following should be considered district emergencies and warrant a call after hours in the event they occur:

  • Water Leaks: These include but are not limited to:
    • Main line leak or break: Water is gushing out of the asphalt
    • Service line leak: Water leaking in the yard
    • Leaks in the house that can not be turned off by home owner
    • Leaks in the house and homeowner does not know where the main shut off valve is located
    • Severe sink hole in the asphalt, could be a leak
    • Flooded basement
  • Sewer Back ups: These include but are not limited to:
    • Backed up Service lines: Sewage coming up in the basement or floor drain
    • Backed up Mainlines: Sewage coming out of a manhole
  • Emergency Utility Locations for excavating in the yard for water leak and or sewer repair

When Water Has Been Shut Off By The District

The following addresses what to do in the event that customer water has been shut off by the district. This process should not be considered an emergency and therefore you should not call the emergency number, but rather read the below information or call the regular district operating number.

  • If your water was turned off it is because you as the customer failed to pay your bill on time and are now on the cut off list. Before your water service can be restored, the district must have the payment in full. Ensuring timely payment is the responsibility of the customer, not the district
  • If you call after 8 p.m. to pay your bill, you must wait until morning for you service to be restored, no exceptions
  • If a customer wants to sign up for water service, please call the district office anytime before 8 p.m.
  • If you are customer and do not know why the water is off, first check to make sure the water has not been turned off manually within the dwelling, then call the district office during normal business hours

Reasons Not to Call

Please do not call the emergency after hours number when the following occurs:

  • Payment arrangement
  • Questions about bill
  • Problems with electronic payments