Builder / Developer

The Cherokee Metropolitan District (CMD) Operating Rules specify the licenses, fees and processes required for new construction within the service area for builders and developers. Builders and Developers in the Cherokee Metropolitan District should be aware of their responsibility for:

  • Systems Development Charges    
  • Development Application 
  • Development Check List
  • Application for Wastewater Service
  • Service Connection Agreement
  • Easement Agreement
  • Easement Vacation Agreement
  • Building Permit Requirements - El Paso County (link to El Paso County Building Permit Requirements page)
  • Hydrant Meter Permits (available at CMD Office) Contact us
  • Public Utility Design and Construction Specifications
    • Part 1 Water System Standard Specifications and Drawings
    •  Part 2 Wastewater Collection System Standard Specifications and Drawings
    •  Part 3 Earthwork Standard Specifications