Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunFlower ColorSizeUsesImages
Aizoon StonecropSedum aizoonHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateSun or Part ShadeYellow10 to 18 InchesOrnamental plantAizoon Stonecrop
Black-Eyed SusanRudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’Herbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunYellow24 to 30 InchesAccent, borders, specimenBlack-Eyed Susan
Blue Mist SpireaCaryopteris x clandonensisHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunBlue36 to 60 InchesBorder, rock gardensBlue Mist Spirea
Carpathian HarebellCampanula carpaticaHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateSun or Part ShadePurple6 to 12 InchesBorders, edging, accentCarpathian Harebell
ColumbineAquilegia spp.Herbaceous PerennialModeratePart Shade or ShadeBlue, white, violet, red, yellow24 InchesNative / Natural GardensColumbine
Creeping PhloxPhlox subulataHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunWhite, pink6 InchesGroundcover, mass plantings, rock gardensN/A
Creeping PhloxPhlox subulata ‘Red Wings’Herbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunRosy-pink6 InchesGroundcover, mass plantings, rock gardensCreeping phlox
DaylilyHemerocallis sp.Herbaceous PerennialVery Low to ModerateSun or Part ShadeYellow12 InchesBorders, mass plantingsDaylily
HarebellCampanula rotundifoliaHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateSun or Part ShadeBlue8 to 12 InchesBorders, edging, accent, rock gardensN/A
MazusMazus reptansHerbaceous PerennialModerate to HighPart Shade or SunPurple24 InchesGroundcover, rock gardens, pavestone fillerMazus
Mother of ThymeThymus serpyllumHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunPurple3 to 6 InchesGroundcover, rock gardensMother of Thyme
Red Globe MallowSphaeralcea munroanaHerbaceous PerennialVery Low to LowFull SunRed, orange, pink12 to 24 InchesOrnamental plantRed Globe Mallow
Red YuccaHesperaloe parvifloraEvergreen PerennialVery LowFull SunRed36 to 48 InchesRock gardens, accent, containersN/A
Rock SoapwortSaponaria ocymoidesHerbaceous PerennialVery Low to LowFull SunPink8 to 10 InchesRock gardens, groundcover, bordersRock Soapwort
Russian SagePerovskia atriplicifoliaHerbaceous PerennialVery LowFull SunViolet-blue36 InchesPerennial bordersRussian Sage
Shasta DaisyLeucanthemum x sperbumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull SunWhite14 to 18 InchesEdging or specimenN/A
Snow in SummerCerastium tomentosumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull SunWhite6 to 12 InchesRock gardens, borders, groundcoverSnow in Summer
Sweet WoodruffGallium odoratumHerbaceous PerennialVery Low to ModeratePart Shade or ShadeWhite8 InchesMass planting, groundcoverSweet Wooddruff
TickseedCoreopsis ‘Sunray’Herbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunYellow18 InchesMass planting, borders, rock gardensTickseed
Turkish VeronicaVeronica liwanensisHerbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunBlue1 to 2 InchesGroundcoverN/A
Violet SageSalvia x sylvestris ‘May Night’Herbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateSun or Part ShadePurple24 to 36 InchesBorders, specimen, edgingN/A
Woolly ThymeThymus pseudolanguinosisHerbaceous PerennialLowSun or Part ShadePink2 to 4 InchesRock gardens, edging, turf substituteN/A
YarrowAchillea ‘Moonshine’Herbaceous PerennialLow to ModerateFull SunYellow, peach36 InchesBorders, cut flowerN/A
Yellow Ice PlantDelosperma nubigenumHerbaceous PerennialLowFull SunYellow1 to 3 InchesGroundcover, rock gardens, edgingYellow Ice Plant