Food & Drinks

What we eat and drink contains elements that contribute to total dissolved solids (TDS) and make their way back into the natural cycle of things. Now, while this may not be the best subject to discuss at parties or dinners out, human waste is part of our life cycle and a reality. Drinking water already contains minerals and elements, TDS, as mentioned in the natural source article. Water is also a part of other beverages that we enjoy, like coffee, tea and sodas. What our bodies do not utilize for bones, tissue and vital organs the body then expels.

The foods that we eat can contain TDS as preservatives, nutritional values (recommended daily allowances) and so forth. The body also expels what is not utilized from these foods, and where do these un-utilized sources go? You guessed it, every time you flush the toilet; it travels down the sewer lines and to the water reclamation facility (also known as wastewater treatment facility). Now at this point the TDS we return plays into the perpetual natural cycle.

Healthier Food Choices

Processed foods contain salts/TDS, preservatives, coloring additives and other items, that some of us cannot even pronounce, used for extending shelf life and a pleasant color appeal. One health concern, across the nation, is the intake of sodium (salt), a part of TDS, and the effect on raising one’s blood pressure. Healthy eating lends itself to a more natural food source and away from these sodium containing processed foods. 

Consider shopping at your local farmers markets, health food stores, or grow a garden, it will get you outside and the colors are more vibrant than the foods on our plates. Again, what we eat and drink will eventually make its way back into the natural cycle.