Park Reservation Permit

Reserving the Pavilion

You will find a Park Reservation Permit (PDF) available for your convenience below. Although we believe that you will find this helpful in your reservation process, please be advised that the District will need to complete the reservation process with additional information. You may fill out the form and send it in via fax at 719-597-5145 or email us. However, the parks are reserved on a first come first serve basis. 

Filling out a form and mailing it in with your payment does not guarantee that you have successfully reserved the park. You will need to contact us to find out if the park is available for your desired date, pay the damage deposit and reservation fee, and we will need to stamp your reservation form in order to validate it. 

District's Responsibilities

The District will also be responsible for filling out the “Cherokee-On Call” information, as well as the Permit Number, method of payments and amounts, and Cherokee Parks’ Representative’s signature and date. Once you have a permit filled out in its entirety by the appropriate personnel, have made 2 payments (one check for the damage deposit fee, and one check for the park reservation fee), received a copy of the permit with the District’s stamp, and have been issued receipts for your payments, then you have successfully reserved the Cimarron Eastridge Park. 

Helpful Resources

Please call us with any questions or concerns at 719-597-5080. Thank you for your continued patronage.