Park Improvement Projects

After a long public process, Cherokee Metro began collecting additional fees from District residents in 2014 to help fund Park Improvement Projects. A list of the Top Ten Priority Projects was developed. These projects have been planned and prioritized and progress has been made in completing them over the last several years.

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Completed Projects

  1. Eastridge Pavilion Roof
  2. Eastridge Dog Park
  3. Pronghorn Meadows
  4. Sand Creek Disc Golf
  5. Eastridge Playground
  6. Colorado Tech Park
  7. Fredericksburg Light Addition
  8. Pronghorn Meadows Shelters

Eastridge PavilionThe old shake shingle roof on our pavilion was replaced with new metal material. This material is maintenance free and will last much longer than the original roof.

In Progress Projects

  1. Westridge Park Improvements
  2. Softball Field Improvements

Westridge Park ImprovementsThe walking trail in Westridge Park has been given a new asphalt surface. The new trail is wider and much smoother than the previous trail surface. In addition, a ten station exercise course is being installed along the edges of the walking trail. This will be completed in the spring of 2017.