Board Election Information

Board member elections are governed by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.


The official certified vote count per the canvass board for the 2022 Board of Directors Election is as follows:


Steve Hasbrouck               270

Linda Keleher                    260

Michelle Marie Kinney    260

Ricky Bobby Thompson  242

Robert Hernandez            240

Janet Cederberg               173

Melody Helton                    63



Board members included in this election:

  • Director President, Steve Hasbrouck, eligible for election to second consecutive term (3 years)
  • Director Treasurer, Larry Keleher, term-limited, open seat (3 years)
  • Director, Rene Sintas, eligible for election to second consecutive term (3 years)

(You will be able to vote for up to 3 candidates)


                                                                               Candidates Contact Information


Name:                                                                 Phone Number:                                            Email Address:


Linda L. Keleher                                             719-596-6647                                     


Melody D. Helton                                           CANDIDATE DECLINED               


Robert Hernandez                                         CANDIDATE DECLINED                         CANDIDATE DECLINED


Steven J. Hasbrouck                                     719-596-8833                                      


Janet Cederberg                                             CANDIDATE   DECLINED              


Ricky Bobby Thompson                              719-963-1749                                        


Michelle Marie Kinney                                719-243-4632                                       


      • Election results will be posted at following the polling place election on May 3rd, 2022.
      • Permanent absentee ballot requests for eligible electors may be requested and turned in at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915, no later than April 26, 2022. Applications can be mailed in or brought to the office. For the Absentee Ballot Application, CLICK HERE


      Cherokee Metropolitan District is a Title 32 Special District and is conducting a Polling Place Election on May 3rd for the purpose of electing Directors to three seats.  This Election is governed by State law and as such, Cherokee Metropolitan District is obligated and will follow each and every legal requirement set forth for all Special Districts.  


      If you are a registered voter in the State of Colorado and either a resident of the District and/or a property owner within the District, you are eligible to vote and encouraged to participate in the process!  As an eligible voter, as determined by the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder and El Paso County Assessor, and if you have requested a Permanent Absentee Ballot from the District in the past, a ballot will be mailed directly to you.  If you would like to be added to the Permanent Absentee Ballot list, you may fill out an application (a State of Colorado document), found on the Cherokee website or available upon request at our District office, and be added to that list.  The State dictates that the voter, a family member or member of the household may turn in and/or sign a Permanent Absentee Ballot Request Form, also referred to as a Permanent Mail-In Ballot Request Form.  As long as you submit that request before the close of business on April, 26th (a date set by the State of Colorado), you will be mailed a ballot.  You may drop off that request form or mail it to our District headquarters at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd, 80915


      State law mandates that the Designated Election Official record the date and hour and name and address of the person delivering in person, any absentee ballot.  Therefore, you may not use the payment drop box to drop off your ballot.  If you need assistance, our Designated Election Official or other official designee will gladly meet you at your vehicle to receive whatever election material you may need to deliver, whether it is your Absentee Ballot Request Form or your actual ballot.  Simply call ahead to 719-597-5080 and we will meet you at your vehicle.


      If you choose to receive an Absentee Ballot, you may cast that ballot at any time prior to 7pm on Election Day by dropping it off or mailing it in to 6250 Palmer Park Blvd, 80915.  


      If you choose to vote at the Polling Place on Election Day, you may do so at any time between the hours of 7am and 7pm at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd, 80915.  

      All statutory requirements are followed in conducting this Special District Polling Place Election.  ALL eligible voters are invited and encouraged to participate in this important process.  Please vote!  And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District’s Designated Election Official, Connie Hughes at 719-597-5080, x127.