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Commercial & Industrial

Thank you for choosing Cherokee Metropolitan District (CMD) for your business location! As a commercial or industrial customer, your business satisfaction with CMD is paramount. As your CMD team, we take pride in providing you with quality water services, local street lighting, community parks and a golf course for your enjoyment. We welcome your input and are here to serve you. Please know you are always welcome to attend our monthly board meetings and we’re available for any questions you might have.

Commercial & Industrial Customer Requirements 
  1. Annual Backflow Test: Provide annual documentation of a successful backflow test. (See “Backflow Testing” below for a list of testers and report form.)
  2. Annual Grease Trap Pumping: Provide annual documentation of a successful grease trap pumping. Keep your documentation on site to be reviewed during an inspection.
  3. Business Plan: Provide a plan for new businesses (regarding the water and sewer services) prior to building or tenant finish.
Backflow Requirements 
Backflow Tester ListBackflow Test & Maintenance ReportCross-Connection & Backflow Regulation
  • Backflow assemblies are required to be tested annually by a certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. Annual testing is the responsibility of the property owner. Cherokee may send courtesy notices of the annual test date. This notice does not alleviate the responsibility of the owner to ensure the annual testing is completed.
  • Cherokee Metropolitan District (CMD) requires that all commercial, industrial and multi-family residential service connections have annual backflow device testing and method reviews. For more information, please refer to Cherokee Metropolitan District’s Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Regulation.
  •  If CMD has not received a Backflow Test Report by the due date, a notice will be mailed out and a $50 backflow violation fee may be added to the account. If not received within 60 days of the due date, another notice will be mailed out and a $100 backflow violation fee may be added to the account. If no contact has been made within 90 days of the testing due date, termination of services will take place. The services will not be restored until the Backflow Test Report has been submitted.
  • In the event that the backflow device fails, the assembly must be repaired and tested within 10 days.
Commercial & Industrial Chemicals 

As a commercial customer, it’s important that you partner with us to keep your water clean. Please review the following information regarding chemical content in water.

Lead   |    Mercury    |    Pesticides

Helpful Resources 

If you would like to review your commercial account or discuss a prospective commercial customer account with the Water Manager, please contact us by phone at 719-597-5080.