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Renters & Landlords

We desire to give you peace of mind about your water services. As your Cherokee Metropolitan District (CMD) team, we take pride in providing you with quality water services, local street lighting, community parks and a golf course for your enjoyment. As a customer of CMD, we welcome your input and are here to serve you. Please know you are always welcome to attend our monthly board meetings and we’re available for any questions you might have.

Renter’s Deposit 

When you move in as a tenant, you are required to pay the renter’s deposit of $175. The deposit is applied to your final bill. If the deposit is more than the final bill, the you will be reimbursed.

You Are A Renter, But Changing Addresses Within District 

If you are currently renting in the Cherokee Metropolitan District, but moving to a new rental address within our district, your initial deposit for our services at your previous rental address will be transferred to your new rental address. Your account number will change and your payment due date and watering days may also be subject to change. Please call us to begin services at your new rental address and stop services at your previous rental address at: 719-597-5080.

You Are A Renter, But Becoming A Homeowner 

If you are currently renting in the Cherokee Metropolitan District, but purchasing a property within our district, we will return your initial rental deposit for our services. It will be applied to the final bill at your previous address. You will need to call us at 719-597-5080 to begin services at your new property address and stop services at your rental address.

You Are A Homeowner Leasing Your Home 

If you’re a homeowner and will be leasing your home to renters, the new tenant is required to submit the new renter’s deposit of $175. A deposit is required as we do not take social security numbers and we do not report to credit agencies. If the deposit does not cover the final statement and the tenant does not pay the final statement the debt does stay with the property. Landlords will be responsible for paying the outstanding debt or a lien may be placed on the account.

Under Colorado Statutes [32-1-1001(1)(j)/32-1-1006(1)(d)], any funds owed to a Special District constitutes a perpetual lien against the property. Further, a Special District, for any violation of its rules and regulations, may discontinue water and sanitation to the property and can provide for the connection with or disconnection from the District’s facilities.

Auto Revert For Landlords/Management Companies 

If you are a landlord, management company, or new tenant and want to keep your water services active once the account was closed by the previous tenant, apply for the Automatic Revert.

Auto Revert Form - Revised 2023

Once an Automatic Revert Form is put on file for a property, the property will be attributed to the homeowner or company owner’s name when the previous tenant moves out. This form will stay on file until the house is sold, is no longer a tenant property, or the management company has changed. It is up to the homeowner and/or management company to keep Cherokee Metropolitan District up-to-date on the property address, phone number, email, and other details.

If you have multiple addresses, we will require a form to be filled out for each property and the current management agreement if you are using a Management Company. The form can be emailed to, faxed to 719-597-5145, or it can be brought to the Main Office at 6250 Palmer Park Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO, 80915. If you have any questions about the Automatic Revert Form, please call the office at 719-597-5080 and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.